Indoor Air Quality

Breathe better, sleep comfortably. Less repairs, longer lasting furnace. Many systems to fit any budget. Calms allergies and dusting. Quiet operation. Breathing clean air is an important part of improving your indoor air quality. Unlike air purifiers that only work in certain areas, a central air purification [...]

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Google Nest Products

Sleep comfortably knowing you are protected from smoke and CO2. Run your furnace efficiently. Outdoor water proof Nest Hello Door bell and Nest cams Alerts when Nest sees an unrecognized face Know who rings your bell and when packages arrive We believe that you should protect your [...]

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Breathe better, sleep comfortably. Less repairs, longer lasting furnace Calms allergies Soothes dry skin Protects wooden furniture and grand pianos We believe having a humidifier is an important part of improving your indoor air quality. Unlike portable humidifiers that only work in certain areas, a central humidifier [...]

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Go Tankless with Your Next Hot Water Heater

Traditional hot water heaters have kept our water going hot for a long time. They've been fairly reliable for society. And it seems like almost every home has one now. But these traditional hot water heaters can have their disadvantages. They tend to take a lot of energy to keep that water heated. This can [...]

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An in Depth Furnace Comparison with the Best Brands

There's a lot to think about when you're looking into getting a new furnace for your home. One of the most important things to consider? The history, value, and products offered by different brands, which can be found in a furnace comparison post - like this one! Here, we're offering you a complete furnace comparison of some [...]

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Upgrade Your Furnace or A/C with HVAC Financing

It's the middle of January. You're in the thick of another cold Canadian winter. You go to turn on the furnace and warm your house. It starts, then sputters, and finally dies. The same thing happens in July when you turn on your A/C after a hot summer's day. You need a new HVAC system, [...]

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Are Central Air Conditioners Worth the Upgrade?

With the warmer weather upon us, it is almost time to reinstall those handy dandy fixed unit air conditioners! Because who doesn't love doing the rounds and fitting their heavy A/C units each and every window of the house, right? We're being sarcastic of course. Don't worry though, there is an alternative. Believe of not, [...]

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How to Winterize a House: 7 Amazing Cash-Saving Tips

Get your home winterized in a flash by following these 7 steps Brace yourselves... winter is coming. Luckily, we're sharing everything you need to know about how to winterize a house. Keep warm with full pockets here. Dig out those winter woollies and invest in some thick socks because it's about to get real [...]

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Bulletproof Pitches In at Beautiful Alleys Spring Clean Up 2016

Beautiful Alleys’ 3rd City Wide Cleanup took place Saturday April 16th. Up here on the mountain, volunteers met at 11am on East 23rd and, armed with garbage bags and gloves, the cavalry set off in to the alleys between east 22nd and East 24th as well as roughly 100 other locations throughout the city to see what beauty [...]

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