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American Standard has been at the forefront of the HVAC industry for over a century.  Dominating the market with their vast array of high-efficiency heating and cooling systems.  They are well known for reliability and commitment to their customers.  A brand known for excellence, quality and reliability, American Standard has earned their place as one of the top manufacturers of premium heating and cooling systems available today.

Choose From 3 Series of American Standard High-Efficiency Natural Gas Furnaces

  • Platinum – American Standard’s Platinum series brings you the most energy-efficient natural gas furnaces available on the market today, featuring AFUE ratings of up to 97.3%.
  • Gold – The American Standard Gold series doesn’t disappoint. This line up boasts 16 different models of high-efficiency natural gas furnaces, all Energy Star certified with an AFUE rating of 96%.
  • Silver – When you’re looking for an economical solution to upgrade to a high-efficiency natural gas furnace American Standard’s silver series is the perfect choice.  With AFUE ratings between 92 and 95% you are sure to see energy savings within your first month of use.

American Standard FurnacePlatinum Series

Platinum 95 Furnace (Platinum ZV Furnace) – Acculink™, one of the quietest furnaces on the market. Energy Star certified. Between 95 – 97.3% AFUE and between 56,000-116,400 BTU available.

Gold Series

  • Gold S9V2 – between 38,800 – 116, 400 BTU, Vortica II™ blower, Energy Star certified.
  • Gold 95v Furnace (Gold ZM Furnace) – Two-stage, Comfort-R™ technology, variable-speed, between 58,200 – 116,040 BTU, and 95 – 97% AFUE
  • Gold 95 Furnace (Gold XM Furnace) – Two-Stage, Multi-Speed heating, between 37,000 – 74,880 BTU

Silver Series

  • Silver 95h Furnace (Silver ZI Furnace) – Multi-Speed, quiet and efficient heating, between 38,000 – 104,500 BTU.
  • Silver 95 Furnace (Silver ZI Furnace) – Single Stage natural gas furnace between 38,000 – 104,500 BTU.
  • American Standard 92 Furnace (Silver SI Furnace) – Multi-Speed natural gas furnace between 38,000 – 113,000 BTU.

American Standard Central Air Conditioners

American Standard Central Air ConditionerPlatinum Series

  • AccuComfort™ Variable Speed Platinum 20 Air Conditioners – Variable Speed, Multi-Stage, reduced humidity, Energy Star certified.
  • AccuComfort™ Variable Speed Platinum 18 Air Conditioners – Two-Stage Cooling, quiet and Energy Star certified.

Gold Series

  • Gold 17 Air Conditioner – Two-Stage, Spine Fin™ coil, and Energy Star certified.

Silver Series

  • Silver 16 Air Conditioner (Gold XI Air Conditioner) – Energy Star certified, provides efficient cooling throughout the home.
  • Silver 14 Air Conditioner – Single stage air conditioner provides efficient cooling on a budget.
  • Silver 13 Air Conditioner (Gold SI Air Conditioner) – Single stage air conditioner

Financing Available

Bulletproof Heating and Cooling has a wide variety of options that allow you to comfortably upgrade to an American Standard high-efficiency natural gas furnace or air conditioner.

We take the hassle out of upgrading your home heating and cooling system by offering a variety of financing and rent-to-own options.

Interested in upgrading to an American Standard high-efficiency natural gas furnace or air conditioner?  Give us a call today!

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