Carrier Furnaces & Air Conditioners

carrier-logoCarrier has been providing homeowners across Canada with superior heating and  cooling systems for decades.  A household name you can trust, Carrier is well known for their quality and reliability while taking innovation to the next level.

Are you looking for top of the line heating and cooling systems with innovative technologies?  Look no further.

Bulletproof Heating and Cooling prides themselves on being up to date with current heating and cooling trends and Carrier ensures they are providing their customers with the best HVAC products on the market.

Carrier includes many innovative technologies as standard features with their high-efficiency natural gas furnaces and high-efficiency air conditioners.

Carrier High-Efficiency Furnaces

Carrier FurnaceEntry-Level Efficiency (59SP2, 59SC2)- up to 92.1% AFUE single stage, innovative tech. This entry level efficiency model will ensure that 92 cents of every energy dollar is spent heating your home.

High-Efficiency level- up to 95.5%, 96.5% and 96.7% AFUE 

Premium High-Efficiency level (59MN7)- up to 98.5% AFUE with Green Speed intelligence. Energy Star certified, this model ensures that you are getting a positive return on your investment.  98.5 cents of every energy dollar are spent heating your home.

Carrier’s Innovative Furnace Technology Includes:

  • Greenspeed Intelligence™ – increases your energy savings
  • Ideal Humidity Systemand Smart Evap™ – both of these technologies work to efficiently removing the humidity from the air
  • Comfort Fan™ – allows you to choose the fan setting that works best for you
  • Comfort Heat™ – provides you with increased efficiency that results in an enhanced and consistent heating experience

Carrier High-Efficiency Gas Furnace Models: 59MN7, 59TN6, 59TP6, 59TP5, 59SP5, 59SP2, 59SC5, 59SC2

Carrier High-Efficiency Air Conditioners

Carrier central air conditionerEntry-Level Efficiency (24ACB3, 24ABB3, 38HDR)up to 13 SEER, and a sound rating between 72-74 decibels.  These models provide consumers with an affordable home cooling system that is reliable.

High-Efficiency level (24ACC6, 24ABC6, 24ANB7)- between 16 and 17 SEER and a sound rating between 67 and 72 decibels.  These mid level high-efficiency air conditioners provide the perfect home comfort cooling system that is Energy Star certified.

Premium High-Efficiency level (24ANB1)- this top of the line model has all of the bells and whistles.  Up to 21 SEER, two stage air conditioner gives you more control over the cooling of your home.  With a sound rating of up to 65 decibels it’s one of the quietest high-efficiency air conditioners on the market today.

Models: 24ANB1, 24ANB7, 38HDR, 24ACC6, 24ACB3, 24ABC6, 24ABB3

“I love Carrier’s innovative technology but is it affordable?”

Carrier’s innovative technology makes them one of the top brands of natural gas furnaces and high-efficiency air conditioners.

Luckily, with our comprehensive financing and rent to own plans, ‘top brand’ doesn’t mean out of reach.

We have several simple and cost-effective rental and financing options that make it easy for you to afford the brand of high-efficiency natural gas furnace or air conditioner you want.

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