KeeRite Furnaces & Air Conditioners

keeprite-logoKeepRite Canada is a company that designs and manufactures commercial and residential high-efficiency heating and cooling systems.

Bulletproof Heating & Cooling is proud to provide quality KeepRite furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps to homes across Hamilton and Southern Ontario.

High-Efficiency Furnaces

KeepRite furnaceA KeepRite high-efficiency natural gas or propane furnace is the perfect solution to help you save money on your rising home heating costs.

  • Entry Level Efficiency (N9MSB) – at 92% AFUE KeepRite’s Single Stage
  • High-Efficiency Level (G9MXT, G9MXE, N9MSE) – at 95% and 96.2% AFUE
  • Premium High-Efficiency Level (G9MAE, G9MVE) – at 96.5% and 98% AFUE these premium models provide you with maximum efficiency of your energy dollars.

An added benefit to these Premium high-efficiency natural gas furnaces is their communicating ability.  This feature provides you with remote access to your Modulating or Two-Stage high-efficiency natural gas heating system, allowing for ease of temperature control and adjustment.

A variable speed modulating gas furnace is designed in 2 stages and delivers consistent heat for high efficiency.

KeepRite Furnace Warranty Info

KeepRite boasts a strong track record of quality and reliability in its heating & cooling systems, and it offers solid warranty coverage to back it up. They guarantee their high-efficiency natural gas furnaces with a comprehensive limited warranty plan which covers heat exchanger and parts replacement. This usually includes a 10-year parts warranty and a 20-year or lifetime heat exchanger warranty.

KeepRite Central Air Conditioners

There are three levels of high-efficiency air conditioners:

  1. KeepRite air conditionerEntry Level Efficiency (C4A3, NH4A4, NXA4, N4A5, N4A3, and N4A**3) – KeepRite’s13 and 14 SEER models are an excellent introduction to high-efficiency residential cooling. The perfect choice when you are looking to purchase a high-efficiency air conditioner without the high price tag that comes with KeepRite’s higher SEER models.
  2. High-Efficiency Level (CSA6, CXA6) – 16 SEER- KeepRite’s16 SEER models offer a mid-level high-efficiency cooling of your residence, with a worry-free 5 year limited no hassle replacement warranty on.
  3. Premium High-Efficiency Level (CCA7 and CCA9) – KeepRite’s 17 and 19 SEER models provide you with a very high-efficiency cooling of your home. Communication capability allows you to remotely control the cooling of your home.

Financing: Upgrade Your Home’s Heating & Cooling With Low Monthly Payments

Check out our comprehensive rental and financing pages for more information on how you can afford to upgrade to a high-efficiency heating and cooling system.

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