Mitsubishi Electric

mitsubishi-electric-logoMitsubishi Electric is one of the top brands of ductless heat pumps and mini split systems available on the market today.  Known for their superior manufacturing, Mitsubishi Electric is well regarded in the HVAC industry.

When you purchase a commercial or residential ductless heat pumps or mini split system from Mitsubishi Electric you can be assured that you are buying a reliable and top quality product. Mitsubishi Electric residential heat pumps are tailored to the needs of consumers.

Bulletproof Heating and Cooling carries the full line of Mitsubishi Electric ductless heat pumps and mini split systems in stock.

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps

Mitsubishi Model Breakdown

Mr. Slim – Featuring a sleek design, Mr. Slim is a single indoor heat pump.  Mr. Slim models features Variable Compressor Speed Inverter (VCSI) technology – all but MS-A09WA AND MS-A12WA have VCSI included.

3D I-see Sensor – The 3D I-see Sensor provides home owners with a heat pump capable of heating and cooling their homes.  Each of these models are Energy Star certified.  Cooling: 1700-19,000 BTU and Heating: 1600-24,000 BTU


I-see Sensor – Mitsubishi Electric’s Mr. Slim’s I-see Sensor is a heat pump that provides consumers with a heating and cooling option. All models are Energy certified. Cooling: 2800-25,200 BTU and Heating: 3000-29,700 BTU


Single Indoor Unit Wall-mounted Style Heat Pumps – With many Energy Star certified models available, the single indoor unit wall mounted style is a popular choice amongst energy conscious consumers who are looking for an efficient heating and cooling option.  Cooling: 3800–33,200 BTU and Heating: 4500-36,000 BTU

*Energy Star certified


Single Indoor Unit Ducted Style Heat Pumps – With all models Energy Star certified, the single indoor unit ducted style heat pumps will greatly reduce your monthly energy costs. With heating and cooling capability it is a practical option. Cooling: 3800-19,000 BTU Heating: 4800-24,900 BTU.


Single Indoor Unit 4 Way Cassette Style Heat Pumps – When space is an issue the 4 way cassette style heat pump is the perfect installation solution.  2 out of 3 models are Energy Star certified. Cooling: 3100-17,700 BTU Heating: 3100-22,200 BTU.

*Energy Star certified

Models: SLZ-KA09NA*, SLZ-KA12NA*, SLZ-KA15NA

Multi Indoor Unit Heat Pumps – Multi Indoor Unit Heat Pumps are the perfect choice when you are looking to heat and cool several rooms in your home. Cooling: 7800-54,000 BTU Heating: 8500-60,000 BTU

*Energy Star certified

Models: MXZ-2B20NA*, MXZ-3B24NA*, MXZ-3B30NA, MXZ-4B36NA, MXZ-5B42NA, MXZ-8B48NA

Single Indoor Unit Wall-mounted Style Air Conditioners – Single Indoor Unit Wall Mounted style air conditioners are convenient option when you are looking to cool a small space.  With just under 50% of available models Energy Star certified.  Cooling capability between 9500-34,600 BTU.

*Energy Star certified


Zuba Central – Mitsubishi’s Zuba Central offers consumers a heating and cooling option heat pump.  This system is an excellent option when you’re looking for a moderate efficiency system.

Cooling capability- up to 15 SEER, and 34,000 BTU

Heating capability- 40,000 BTU

Mitsubishi Mini Split SystemMitsubishi Electric’s Limited Warranty Information

  • 5 year limited parts warranty
  • In addition to the 5 year parts, Mitsubishi will cover the compressor for an additional 2 years limited warranty

In addition, Bulletproof Heating & Cooling provides our full 1-year guarantee on labour and installation!

Financing Information

Whether you are looking to purchase a commercial or residential Mitsubishi Electric ductless heat pump or mini split system, Bulletproof Heating and Cooling has a payment plan for you.

Click here view our detailed financing page or rent-to-own page, to see how we can help you upgrade your home or office to a high-efficiency heat pump or ductless mini-split system.

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