York Furnaces & Air Conditioners

YORKYork provides consumers with a wide range of high-efficiency heating and cooling systems for their homes. These products range from natural gas furnaces and boilers to energy-efficient heat pumps and central air conditioning units.

Heating Your Home

New high-efficiency furnaces with Annual Fuel Utilization Ratings (AFUE) of 90% and up can provide affordable heating for your home, while maintaining a steady and comfortable temperature through the cold Canadian winters.

York High-Efficiency Natural Gas Furnaces

York FurnaceA leader in the HVAC industry, the company has manufactured natural gas furnaces at three levels of energy efficiency.  This innovation reflects a deep understanding of the individualized needs of consumers.

Entry-level High-Efficiency (TM9E, TG9S): up to 95% and 95.5% AFUE provides consumers with a relatively high energy-efficiency.  TM9E is Energy Star certified, relatively unheard of for entry-level category efficiency.  Just another example of how York gives consumers added value for their investment.

High-Efficiency level (TM9V, TM9Y, TM9T):  up to 96% AFUE is a mid-point of energy efficiency but York raises the bar again with TM9V and TM9Y both meeting the standards of Energy Star certification. 

Premium High-Efficiency level (YP9C, TM9M): up to 97% and 98% AFUE is the highest AFUE ratings available on the market today.  The YP9C comes with a bonus feature of ClimaTrak™ technology, and Energy Star certification.  YP9C is a top of the line high-efficiency natural gas furnace.

Cooling Your Home Effectively

With the selection of York central air conditioners available at Bulletproof Heating and Cooling, you’re sure to find the right unit to meet your home cooling needs.

Newer air conditioners are more energy-efficient and do a better job of keeping your home cool and comfortable, without producing excessive noise. York prides themselves on their Quiet Drive™ technology which reduces vibration noise produced when the air conditioner is running.

York Central Air Conditioners

York Air ConditionerEntry-level Energy-Efficiency (YFE, YCD, YCE, YCS, TCHD)- up to 13 and 14 SEER to provide you with an economical option for acquiring a new home cooling system.

High-Efficiency level (CZF, YCJF) – up to 16 and 16.5 SEER keeping your home cool and comfortable, all summer long at a price point that is affordable.

Premium High-Efficiency level (CZH, YCG)- up to 17 and 18 SEER, Quiet Drive(tm) technology, providing you with a quiet and superior cooling experience for your home.

Warranty Info

York provides solid coverage on all their furnaces, air conditioners and other products, with most coming with a 10-year parts warranty and a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger.

And as always, we at Bulletproof provide a full 1 year guarantee on warranty and installation, so you can be confident the job was done right!

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