propanePart of being a home owner is about staying on top of all required maintenance in your home. If you have lived in your home for a long time, eventually your old heating system is going to give out. When your old heating system gives out, you have a great opportunity to increase the energy efficiency of your home by purchasing a new high-efficiency furnace.

However not everyone has access to natural gas infrastructure in their area. So whether you’re looking to make the conversion from oil, or electric or even wood heating, propane heating is good alternative.

Propane prices as well as the cost of the actual furnace are comparable to gas.

Choose A High Efficiency Propane Furnace

A high efficiency propane furnace with an AFUE rating of at least 95% is a fantastic investment and will provide your home with all the heat that you need at an affordable cost. A high efficiency unit will generally be far more cost-effective than oil or electric heating. Since your new furnace will probably be heating your home for the next ten to twenty years, it pays to invest in a unit that uses less energy. This will save you money for years to come.

A High AFUE Rating Is the Way to Go

When you purchase a furnace, make sure you check out its energy efficient rating. Furnace that use natural gas measure their efficiency based on AFUE – annual fuel utilization efficiency. You want to purchase a furnace that has a really high AFUE number.

The most efficient furnaces will have an AFUE rating between 95% to 98%. Mid range furnaces will have an AFUE rating between 78% to 82% but frankly, you really do not want to purchase a furnace with a rating below 90% as it’s simply not worth it in the long run. If you purchase a unit with a low AFUE rating, the fuel costs in the long run will far outweigh any initial savings.

Make Sure It’s An EnergyStar Furnace

Appliances that earn an Energy Star label have to be extremely energy efficient. At Bulletproof Heating & Cooling we only sell EnergyStar certified systems, which save you money and are better for the environment.  Propane furnaces generally have to earn an AFUE rating of 90% or more in order to earn the Energy Star label.

If your heating system needs to be replaced and you don’t have gas service in your area, you would be wise to consider a high efficiency furnace that runs on propane.

It’s an excellent and affordable way to keep your home warm and comfortable through the cold Ontario winters!