• Sleep comfortably knowing you are protected from smoke and CO2.

  • Run your furnace efficiently.

  • Outdoor water proof Nest Hello Door bell and Nest cams

  • Alerts when Nest sees an unrecognized face

  • Know who rings your bell and when packages arrive

We believe that you should protect your home not only from the inside but from outside too. With the Nest family of products, you can feel safe knowing that you can monitor your front door, backyard, and retrieve videos from the cloud.

Bullet Proof is an official Nest Pro dealer and has been trained by Google Nest to insure the best installation and configuration for your home.

With a smart learning thermostat, you can save money when you’re not home and keep an eye on your temperatures when you are away on vacation.

The Nest Protect will alert you of any CO2 or smoke in the home. Paired with a Nest Thermostat, the Nest Protect will automatically shut off the blower on the furnace preventing any smoke or fires from spreading. You will receive an alert directly to your phone letting you know which zone the alarm is going off in. Hopefully it’s just dinner and nothing serious.

Maintenance is easy. Batteries can last up to a decade on the Nest Protect and with a Nest Pro installation, you will receive extended warranty on qualified products up to 5 years.

Installation can take as little as one hour or longer depending on the complexity and devices you choose.

Contact us today to discuss a smart home solution that is the right you.