• Breathe better, sleep comfortably.

  • Less repairs, longer lasting furnace

  • Calms allergies

  • Soothes dry skin

  • Protects wooden furniture and grand pianos

We believe having a humidifier is an important part of improving your indoor air quality. Unlike portable humidifiers that only work in certain areas, a central humidifier will help add moisture to the entire home. You never have to worry about draining or adding water to the unit.

Some of the benefits include better sleep, no more dry eyes and noses (or even nose bleeds), protect your investment from flooring, to pianos to the home itself. It can even lessen the risk of snoring. Humidifiers have also been known to help decrease levels of flu viruses in homes. For example, some studies have shown a decrease in the survival of the influenza virus of up to 31.6%!

Maintenance is easy. Our technicians will walk you through how to change the vapour pad for each season.

Installation can take as little as one hour or longer depending on the complexity and model you choose. The unit gets mounted directly above the furnace and connects to the entire duct system for the home.

Contact us today to discuss which humidifier is the right one for your home.