gas-furnace-rentalsWhile most take it for granted, the heating and cooling components of a home provide homeowners with a lot of comfort. They keep homeowners warm and cozy during the winter months while bringing down the temperature in the summer months.

While heating and cooling may be a necessity rather than a luxury, many homeowners still operate old and inefficient systems due to the high cost of upgrading. They can be quite costly to purchase and install upfront, making it difficult or impossible for some to afford replacing them.

Thankfully, our easy and affordable furnace and air conditioner rentals solve this problem. Now you can get an energy-efficient natural gas or propane furnace (up to 96% AFUE) from high-quality brands like Goodman and Lennox without all the upfront costs.

➥No down payments or credit checks are required, plus free next-day installation make this the quickest and easiest way to replace an aging heating and cooling system.

Rent to own financing allows homeowners to experience the benefits of new units without having to pay for them upfront.

Plus, we offer Enbridge billing for added convenience.

Homeowners can spread the cost of ownership over the course of many years while taking advantage of the comfort immediately. Instead of settling for an ineffective older unit, homeowners can rent a new unit without paying a substantial amount of money.

This means huge savings on your heating and electricity bills, which can often largely offset the cost of the rental!

One of the most common types of rentals are ductless heat pumps. These units are becoming increasing popular across the world because of their flexibility and easy installation. They don’t utilize large ducts, instead relying on small tubing that can easily be placed behind a wall. Furthermore, the units themselves are quite small and silent while providing maximum efficiency.

For a limited time, take advantage of up to $650 in Ontario Power Authority government grants and rebates to save even more money!

Ductless Heat Pump/Mini-Split Systems Available Too!

A ductless heat pump rental consists of an outside compressor and indoor head that is connected by tubing. The rental price will include both units. As with furnace and AC rentals, we install these units for free and all you pay is one low monthly rate. And because they don’t require complicated duct work, installation is a breeze.

With heating and cooling rentals, Hamilton-area homeowners don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to live comfortably. All our rent to own units come with 24/7/365 servicing and include free repairs and yearly maintenance.

Instead of living with unbearable heat in the summer, or an old, noisy, ineffective and inefficient furnace, homeowners can choose to get a rental to enjoy the benefits, savings and peace of mind immediately.

Simply give us a call at 1-877-264-4822 to get started today!