2019 Government Furnace & AC Rebates

Ontario Tax Credits & RebatesCurrently, Hamilton homeowners and others across Toronto and the rest of Ontario can get a cheque from the government for upgrading their old furnace or air conditioner to a new high-efficiency model.

Furthermore, Enbridge, Union Gas also offer rebates to help you save! These, along with the Ontario Power Authority HVAC incentives, grants & rebates can help offset the cost of a new ENERGY STAR propane or natural gas furnace or central AC!

This is part of the government’s plan to reduce energy usage and emissions across the province, helping you save money and help the environment too!

Take advantage of big energy savings while keeping more money in your pocket!

LET US HELP YOU GET YOUR HEATING & COOLING REBATES! (When you buy a furnace or AC from us)

If you’re interested in upgrading your forced-air furnace, central air conditioner, hot water heater or other HVAC system, we can help make sure you actually get all the rebates you qualify for! (NOTE: we cannot help you if you’ve ALREADY had your furnace/AC replaced by someone else)

If you want to replace your furnace or AC and get the available rebates, simply give us a call or request a free quote here!

Note that not all HVAC companies are registered to provide these rebates, however we are registered with the Ontario Power Authority to provide these rebates to our customers.

We even apply for the credits on your behalf after the install is complete!

In order to qualify for the rebates, there are certain requirements for the SEER & AFUE ratings (efficiency) of the new units, and other factors.

Ontario Power Authority (OPA)/SaveOnEnergy Rebates

You can get up to $650 in rebates ($400 for replacing an old AC, and $250 for a furnace). That’s right, you can get a cheque in the mail just for replacing an old oil, electric, propane, or gas furnace and installing a new ENERGY STAR model or a new central air conditioner.

[For the air conditioner, you must be replacing an older model, not simply adding a new one.]

Enbridge & Union Gas Heating Upgrade Rebates

In addition, homes with natural gas heating in Enbridge or Union Gas territory can also qualify for additional rebates:

  • If you have Union Gas, get up to $5,000 when you complete at least 2 qualifying upgrades
  • If you have Enbridge, get up to $2,100 when you complete at least 2 qualifying upgrades

The qualifying upgrades include things like upgrading your furnace, water heater or other HVAC appliance, replacing your windows and doors, improving insulation, and even something relatively quick and simple like fixing air leaks and window seals, and so on.

NOTE that you must complete an energy audit BEFOREHAND by a Certified Energy Advisor (CEA).