Geothermal Heating

Geothermal heating diagramGeothermal heating and cooling takes advantage of the constant temperatures present beneath the Earth’s surface. The energy is residentially used in homes where it is extracted from the ground beneath the building through a combination of pipes and pumps.

Geothermal Heating Benefits

The geothermal method of home heating is popular amongst many people because it is relatively cheaper to operate since it just requires installation of the pipes and the pump. The process might take time but after it is completed, it becomes cheap and easier in the long run, while providing equal if not better results than an hvac system.

The geothermal heating system is also preferred by many because it has high efficiency when it comes to performance. This is attributed to the fact that the temperature below the ground rarely changes and hence the temperature of the house in which it is installed will always remain regulated. Furthermore the system does not require regular adjustments since it adjusts itself depending on the temperatures in the house. Geothermal heating and cooling systems also don’t require the burning of fossil fuel or large electricity consumption.

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How Geothermal Heating Works

During cold seasons the warmth below the ground heat is routed by a pump to the house to warm up the house while during the warm seasons the process is reversed hence cooling down the temperatures in the house.

Because the temperatures below the earth surface remains relatively constant regardless of the season and hence homes can replace their heating system with the geothermal power for heating AND cooling their houses.

The process works by having a series of pipes which are laid below the ground near the relevant home with the depth of the pipes depending on the ground and ambient temperatures in the particular geographical area.

A combination of refrigerants and water is run through the pipes with an objective of absorbing the temperatures near the pipes. The liquids’ temperatures changes depending on the ground temperatures and then pumped where it is used for home heating in the particular homes.

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