Central Air Conditioners

Bulletproof Heating and Cooling carries a wide variety of residential and commercial high-efficiency air conditioners.

Heating and cooling terminology can be confusing. When you hear terms like SEER, refrigerant, and ton, it may be confusing for the average home owner.

At Bulletproof, we want our customers to be fully informed about all aspects of their high-efficiency cooling system so we go the extra mile to make sure they understand the key terms involved when considering a new high-efficiency air conditioner.

We believe in providing our customers with choice.  Whether you’re looking for an economical standard-efficiency model, or you want to upgrade to a premium, top of the line high-efficiency unit, or something in between – we cater to all budgets.

With a wide range of unit models and sizes, from 1.5 ton up to 5+ tons, and anywhere from 13 SEER up to 18+ SEER.

A new central air conditioner.And our experienced heating & cooling experts are always happy to answer questions and help you choose the right A/C for your home!

The Best Central Air Conditioner Brands

Our extensive inventory allows us to provide our customers with a thorough cost and feature analysis of top brand name air conditioners.  We work with our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Central Air Conditioner Benefits

Why Choose a High-Efficiency ENERGY STAR Air Conditioner?

Government Rebates and Incentives:

Rebate AvailableAll upgraded Air Conditioning units are eligible for a $400.00 government rebate*.  This is a great incentive to look into how you can upgrade to a high-efficiency air conditioner today.

Not only will you be helping the environment by using less energy to cool your home, you’re also getting paid to upgrade which you apply to the cost of your cooling unit to help make it even more affordable.

*This rebate applies only to upgrading an old air conditioning system not new installations where there was no previous air conditioner.

Easy & Affordable Air Conditioner Financing Solutions Available – No Credit Required:

➤ Does a new Central Air Conditioner seem out of reach financially?

➤ Do you consider it a luxury that you cannot justify or afford?

We at Bulletproof want the families in the communities we serve to be able to enjoy the benefits that a Central Air cooling system provides regardless of their personal credit history.

We offer several different financing and rent-to-own plans so that you can comfortably afford a new high-efficiency air conditioner.

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At Bulletproof Heating and Cooling we realize that an air conditioning unit is a large purchase that requires thoughtful consideration.

We believe it’s important to receive fair and accurate estimates prior to purchasing.

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Key Air Conditioner Terms Explained:

?SEER – Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating indicates how energy efficient your air conditioner is.

General rule of thumb is the higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient your air conditioning unit will be.

High-efficiency Air Conditioners that have a SEER greater than 15 are considered Energy Star certified.  Look for the Energy Star sticker on your unit to ensure that you are benefiting from a high-efficiency model.

REFRIGERANT– located in the coils of your air conditioner unit it is used to cool and take the humidity out of the air in your home.

R-22 refrigerant is the least environmentally friendly.  Top brand names in air conditioning are responding to this problem.  Now, more and more high-efficiency air conditioning models are opting to use R-410A refrigerant in order to help protect the environment.

TON – refers to the size of your air conditioning unit and the size of the air conditioner is directly related to how much heat it can remove from your home.

It’s important that you have an expert recommend which unit size is the best choice for your home, and that it is professionally installed by a certified HVAC technician.

For more detailed product information on top brands and models of high-efficiency air conditioners please see our cooling page for a listing of our detailed brand pages.