Residential Boilers & Combi Boilers

Residential BoilerBoilers burn natural gas and propane, to convert hot water into a heat source that is used to heat residential and commercial properties.

Although the majority of homes today use natural gas furnaces for their home heating needs, residential boilers can still be found in many older homes.  Schools and other commercial properties are still choosing to use commercial boilers.

Condensing boilers do provide a more energy-efficient option for those residential and commercial properties that are outfitted and it saves for expensive conversion costs involving extensive ductwork.

How do boilers work?

Boilers work by burning natural gas or propane to heat water.  The heated water is then circulated via pumps throughout the house and radiant heat is transmitted through radiant vents/radiators.

4 Stages of Combi-Boiler Heating Process:
  • The transfer of heat occurs in various ways depending on the specific type of boiler.
  • In most cases the heat is channeled through the boiler surrounded by the water.
  • In other models, it is the water that runs through the tubes that pass through the heating compartment where it picks up the heat.
  • the resultant vapor is normally used to heat the home.
  • It can be circulated through the under-floor vents, radiators or customized pipes.
  • the steam from the boiler is regulated to avoid overheating the home.
  • boilers allow the heat to be distributed through convection, where the heat is simply absorbed by the air.

Residential Boilers vs Combi Boilers – What’s the difference?

Combi boiler A residential boiler is a traditional boiler that is used exclusively as a heating source in homes with radiant heating.

A combi boiler is a hot water heater and heating source in one, resulting in added efficiency and space savings for home owners.

Is a boiler right for me? Boilers vs. Forced-Air Heating Systems

A forced-air natural gas furnace is the most common residential heating system seen in newer homes.  Older homes, however, may not be outfitted for natural gas furnaces and may instead rely on radiant heating which requires the use of a residential boiler.

Forced-air systems work taking the heat generated by your natural gas furnace and pushing the warm air through the duct system.  This warm air is then released through the vents into the rooms of your home.

A residential boiler works by using natural gas or propane to heat the water contained in the boiler, and distributing it through your home via pumps which transfer the radiant heat into the rooms of your home through radiators.

Advantages of Forced-air Setup Advantages of Boiler System
  • More common
  • Easier to integrate AC system
  • Can be configured with humidifier & air filtration
  • Somewhat less expensive
  • More consistent heating/temperature
  • Doesn’t produce dust, allergens and dry air
  • Can have somewhat longer lifespan
  • Quiet operation
  • May have zone heating capability
Should I convert to a boiler system?

If you are living in an older home with radiant heat, it is best to stick with that type of heating, as it is very costly to convert over to a natural gas system.

To increase the energy-efficiency of your home heating an Energy Star certified residential boiler is an excellent step in reducing your monthly energy costs.

Top Brands of Boiler Systems Available at Bulletproof Heating & Cooling:

Navien – Committed to research and design, Navien has spent the past 10 years continually designing and improving their product to ensure they are providing customers with the top condensing boiler systems available.

Rinnai – With almost 100 years of industry experience, Rinnai is a name that customers can trust to supply them with quality and reliable condensing boiler systems.

Viessmann – Known for their innovative condensing boiler technology, Viessman is synonymous with quality.

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