Air Conditioner Rentals

Is your AC 10 years or older? Noisy? Ineffective? Inefficient and causing sky-high electricity bills? Air conditioner rentals are the easiest and simplest way to upgrade or add a new central air conditioner without any of the usual high upfront costs.

Our rental program is available to homeowners across Hamilton and in many surrounding towns and cities across Southern & Western Ontario.

You can get a brand new ENERGY STAR-certified AC with no upfront costs or down payments! All you pay is one flat monthly rate, and we’ll install your new AC right away.

Our rent-to-own plan that makes the decision to upgrade or install a high-efficiency air conditioner easier than ever before. See here for furnace rentals.

Upgrading to a brand new ENERGY STAR central air conditioner has never been easier or more affordable. Enjoy a cool comfortable home and lower your electricity bills today!

Central Air Conditioner Rental Features & Benefits

  • Free installation: once our experts have helped you to select the high-efficiency air conditioner that’s right for you, our certified HVAC technicians will come and install it at your home or office free of charge.
  • Free repairs: you are 100% covered for parts, labour and emergency service at absolutely no extra cost to you! Providing you with a sense of relief in the event of unexpected equipment failure.
  • Free annual inspection: Our air conditioner rental program includes regular service and maintenance tune ups, which are important to ensure that your high-efficiency cooling system is in tip top condition.  With a rent-to-own plan from Bulletproof Heating and Cooling, one of our certified HVAC technicians will perform a maintenance call and assess your high-efficiency air conditioner annually. Providing you additional value, free of charge, which will result in lengthening the lifetime of your high-efficiency air conditioner.
  • Free priority service: our certified HVAC technicians are available to provide priority service, free of charge to make sure that your high-efficiency air conditioner is running smoothly. This is just another added benefit of our rent-to-own air conditioning plan.
  • Access to top of the line high-efficiency air conditioners: our rent-to-own plan makes choosing a top of the line high-efficiency air conditioner easier, with a monthly payment you can afford.
  • Free warranty on the lifetime of your air conditioner: you are fully protected under our rent-to-own plan that if your air conditioner breaks down and is unable to be repaired, we will replace it at no cost to you. That includes the following: a new high-efficiency air conditioning unit, free installation and free labour! This is a generous warranty policy for the lifetime of your air conditioner.

The Cost of Owning an AC – How Rentals Help You Save!

When making the decision of whether to purchase or rent-to-own your high-efficiency air conditioner you need to consider the life time costs of your cooling system:  

  1. Upfront costs: new air conditioning unit, installation and labour costs.
  1. Annual inspection and maintenance costs: opting not to maintain your high-efficiency air conditioner can result in a shortened lifespan of the unit and equipment failure.
  1. Cost of service calls and repairs: paying out of pocket for unexpected service calls to assess equipment malfunction can be expensive.

With all of the added expenses that you will incur over the course of your air conditioner’s lifetime, a rent-to-own plan makes sense. With  added value built in through free installation, service calls, parts, labour, maintenance protection, you can’t go wrong.

Choosing a rent-to-own air conditioning plan with Bulletproof Heating and Cooling will have you one step closer to enjoying a cool summer.

Fill out our online form on this page, or give us a call at 289-205-1334 or 1-877-264-HVAC (toll-free) for your free, no-obligation free quote.  One of our experts at Bulletproof will assist you with determining if a rent-to-own air conditioner plan is right for you.

Find out just how easy a rental AC can be, contact us today for a free no-obligation quote.