Water Softener Rentals

Get rid of hard water today with our easy & affordable water softener rental program. No credit checks are required and it’s 100% guaranteed approval.

NO down payments, ZERO upfront costs, NO hidden fees. Just one LOW monthly rate!

Do you have build up and scales on your dishes and coffee pot? Are you using more and more  soap to properly clean your dishes and clothes? Chances are you live in an area that has hard water.

Water softener rentalHow does hard water affect the lifespan of my appliances?

Hard water causes mineral build up that effects the efficiency of daily appliances that use water: coffee pot, washing machine, dishwasher, shower head, faucets, etc.

Areas we serve where hard water is prevalent:
  • Kitchener-Waterloo
  • Cambridge
  • Guelph
  • Brantford
  • Niagara Region

These are some of the most affected areas.

However we service most areas across South-Western Ontario.

Water Softener Rental Features & Benefits

  • No upfront costs: after you speak with our water softener specialists they will assist you with selecting the water softener that meets your needs and book an installation date that is convenient for you.  Your water softener will be installed free of charge, inclusive of labour.  No money up front and no deposit required. Your first payment will be your agreed upon monthly payment, it’s that easy!
  • No down payment: when you opt for our rent-to-own water softener program there is no down payment required.
  • No credit check required: is no credit or bad credit keeping you from calling us to install a water softener in your home? A poor credit history will not prevent you from having a new water softener installed in your home.  Everyone is approved, regardless of their credit score and no credit check is required.
  • Free repairs and maintenance: a new water softener is an investment in your home.  It’s critical that you regularly maintain your water softening system in order to extend the lifetime of your system and make sure that it is running efficiently to soften the water in your home. We know that it’s difficult to remember to perform regular maintenance checks, so as an addition to our rent-to-own plan you will receive a free annual maintenance assessment and free repairs.  One less thing for you to worry about so you can rest easy and just enjoy the benefits of soft water.

Benefits of a Water Softener

How much is a water softener rental?

Purchasing a water softener out right can result in putting out thousands of dollars up front. This is costly and in some cases unaffordable.

Bulletproof Heating and Cooling’s rent-to-own water softener program makes investing in a water softener for your home an affordable solution to combat hard water.

The price is $49.99/mth for 5 years, and includes all installation costs, as well as unlimited service calls & repairs at no extra cost!

Get started in minutes and have your new system installed as soon as the very next day!

Contact us today, at 289-205-1334 or 1-877-264-HVAC (toll-free) or fill out our online form here, for a free, no-obligation estimate.  Our water softener specialists will return your inquiry promptly.

Water softener shower, enjoy soft water in your home.